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Thank you for selecting to transform or give new life to your website. Since the beginning of the internet age, we have encountered thousands of business owners that either had no web presence or had an old and out dated website that can be considered “Ugly”. As you may expect either of those two problems are bad for business- your business.

Here’s a reality check so be honest! Whether we like it or not, we are always competing with some other business. Cisco research reported that nearly 74% of consumers research or visit a business online before making a decision. That means that almost 8 out of ten of your potential customers are attempting to make a decision by visiting your website. What will they see? Will they be impressed? Does it represent quality?

Don’t chance it. Let us do what we do best and create your high quality website!Before you make the decision, we understand that you may want to see how your new website will look. You may want to envision it with your logo, color scheme, and a modern style. That is exactly what we’re going to do for you! We will design a layout mockup design of the homepage of your site for *Free with a purchase of a new website development.

What we will do: will design a modern layout mockup design of a Homepage based on your business industry, logo, and color scheme, for only $250. This design fee is then 100% deducted from the cost of developing your new website. So the total cost of your new website will be minus the -$250 design fee so you will get the mockup layout design for No Cost.

Can I make revisions to the Layout mockup Design? Yes, if you decide to have us develop your new website. Then we will make edits, enhancements, and other changes that may be needed before we get to work on developing your new website. If you decide that you do not want a new website and just want to have the layout design, then we do not offer any revisions or edits. You will receive only 1 concept design. Making sense?

What kind of website will you develop for me? will develop up to a 10 page WordPress website that is responsive and CMS (Content Management System) driven so that you can make some edits in the future. If what you want is an online store instead, to sell your products online, we will develop your site in the Magento platform and get your business ready for online sales. (For more details about our web development) click here

Are you ready to get your Layout design started?

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The Web Rehab service was created to provide business owners a quick and cost effective way to get web development done right. A website is the most important tool you will purchase for your small business. Your online presence is the most affordable manner in which to reach new customers and generate increasing profits.

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